Latest News

  • 2592 vacant beds in the district for Kovid treatment.
  • Cochin Shipyard launches five vessels at one go in Kochi
  • Lisie Hospital takes over PVS, eyes Kochi Metro tieup for trauma unit
  • Launch Of The 'KANAL' Campaign
  • The Auction has been postponed
  • Parenting Clinics; Preparing the Panel
  • Award for best animal welfare activities
  • ONAM Special Drive Control Room Opens
  • Covid review meeting was chaired by the Chief Secretary
  • CSML implement street bins in various places as a step towards a green & clean city
  • Smart Roads being developed by CSML
  • CSML will build underground utility ducts for smart roads.
  • CSML has renovated the Layam road in Kochi
  • KWA launches 24x7 mobile unit for maintenance-contact(0484 -236169)